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SSI has a simplified crossover system for instructors affiliated with recognized agencies for Recreational, Technical or Freediving. We believe that since you’re already an instructor, you only need to know how the SSI System and Philosophy function as well as the specific skills.

We recognize that as a qualified Instructor or Divemaster you already know how to train divers or deal with certified divers. Our crossover is designed to simply familiarize you with the SSI Total Teaching System and the difference in our water skills. It’s that simple. Any active Instructor Trainer can conduct Dive Professional Crossovers independently which ensures quick service, efficient logistics and flexible scheduling.

The ratings you currently hold with your other recognized agency will be matched one-to-one with SSI ratings. After completion, you can continue your career with SSI without limits! Continue your career by taking higher Dive Professional programs or by qualifying for other Specialty Instructor ratings. Check your equivalences with SSI here:

Course duration: 2-3 days, theory and practice

Course content:

  • SSI Education System
  • SSI skills
  • SSI Business System

Requirements: active instructor of a recognised association


each including course material, Professional Log, SN/OWD/DSR/EAN/BD/DUP Manuals, registration, licence fee

1.000 US Dollar Open Water Instructor Crossover | duration 2 days

1.100 US Dollar Advanced Open Water Instructor Crossover | 

duration: 2 days (precondition: min. 15 specialties) 

1.100 US Dollar Dive Master Instructor Crossover | duration: 2 days (precondition: min. 15 specialties an online update) 

1.300 US Dollar Dive Control Specialist Instructor Crossover | 

duration: 3 days (precondition: min. 30 OWD and 15 specailties)

Starting date: anytime