When you think of a sh what images come to mind? What distinctive features do they have? Exotic colors? A streamlined body? Unique behaviors?

There are thousands of different species of sh in the ocean. Although we can describe these diverse group of fishes in many different ways, fish all have certain common characteristics – those things make them distinct from other marine organisms.

Almost every body of water has at least one species of fish in the ocean. This program will explore their biology, their behavior from their biology and behavior to misconceptions and the impact of humans on them, and how this ultimately affects the ocean ecosystem.

We will also discuss how to identify and classify a species, which is a critical skill for anyone interested in fish identication.

Throughout this program, we will learn how to identify different sh species based on their physical characteristics, behaviors, habitats and geographical locations.

Requirements: Open Water Diver or Junior Open Water Diver

Price: 140 US Dollar including theory, scuba dives, course material, equipment and certification!

Starting date: anytime

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